When the kids are making a play called History Battle Kevin And Nazz Post to have a kiss scene but kevin is to scared to kiss so ed does it instead . But nazz ended up with a serious neck injury in the hosptial after ed pushed nazz down a flight of stars ed was about to apologize but trips on the heart monitor nearly kills her and is seated by docters while thier rushing to save nazzs life while ed finds a video tape thats says " watch this for the earth           '  and sees the video but tells ed that world is gonna end in two months. causing ed to panic and bulids a bomb shelter the next day edd and eddy wake up in the bomb shelter and ed serves them breakfist and edd n eddy attempt to leave but ed wont leat them leave  and forces them to go inside the closet for saying to no to ed eddy then attempts to call the police but ed cuts the line 1 month later and ed still helds edd and eddy hostage and claims that he will not let anyone out until the world ends meanwhile kevin shows up and lets ed n eddy out without a sucess kevin is locked and handcuffed with ed while finshing the play eddy sees the tape and warns the kids that ed was right and eddy attempts to bulid a rocket to save the world but is shoot down by airforce and carshs into the sun . the kids are let in by ed but rolf is the only one knot knowing about it when the day comes a tree falls on the bomb thinking its part of the domsday they open up the bomb shelter and that their still alive and well and go back conutieing with their lives at the end of the eposide a wave could be seen with a ship that crashs on to the cul de sac along with an earthquke with a women can be heard screaming in the backround

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