Rolf's Adventure is a fanfic created by User:TheBiggestEdFan. Mysterious things are happening in the cul-de-sac and Rolf decides he will go on a quest to find the culprit.


Strange Happenings Arc: Prolouge-Chapter 4

In this arc the strange happenings begin, such as Kevin's bike dissapearing and Ed suddenly becoming smart. Rolf is confused and starts his journey. He visits the sewers, where he finds Jonny. Jonny asks what Rolf is doing and Rolf explains. Jonny is exited and joins Rolf on his adventure.

Gold Medal Arc: Chapters 5-10

Jonny brings Plank on the journey, not a suprise. Soon, the gang finds out there are five mysterious gold chips scattered around the cul-de-sac. Plank thinks if they collect all the chips it will give them a clue. Unfortunatley, the Eds are on the search for the chips too, because Eddy has this idea the chips will make him rich. The gang finds two chips and when they find the Eds, they have the other three. Rolf and Eddy battle, and well, Rolf wins. Rolf collects the other chips and it reveals a clue to the culprit. Double D is impressed by their discovery and joins the group.

Culture Shock Arc: Chapters 11-16

The gang somehow ends up at a festival of cultures. Rolf is lured to explore. Jonny and Double D chase after him. They find him admiring Switzerland stuff. Jonny drags him away. Soon, they meet Kevin admiring different bikes. Kevin then sees the group and joins the team. The gang suddenly spots a dark castle. They all go towards it.

Spooky Castle Arc: Chapters 17-20

The gang enters the castle. Soon, they discover the castle is filled with booby traps.

More coming soon!



As we all know, Rolf is a strange kid. He has strange heritage that the kids really don't understand. Rolf is somewhat a farmer- he takes care of animals such as numerous cows and chickens, Wilfred the pig, and Victor the goat. But enough about that. Time to start the story...

One day, Rolf yawned. He went to his backyard to check on his chickens. But they weren't there. "Ed boy..." Rolf mumbled. He stomped over to Ed's house to see if he had stolen his chickens. Rolf swung the house door open to find Sarah. "Where is the silly-brain Ed boy?!" Rolf yelled. Sarah made a face. "What am I? His keeper?" she said. "Mmm, yes?" Rolf replied. "Basement" answered Sarah.

Rolf stomped down the stairs angrily. He came to the door. He swumg it open. "Give Rolf his feathered femines back, peanut brain Ed boy!" shouted Rolf, angrily. "Hi, Rolf!" answered Ed. "Give Rolf his chickens!" yelled Rolf.

"I don't have your chickens"


"I don't have them!"

"Then who has them, Ed-boy? Tell Rolf"

Ed shrugged his shoulders. "Check Eddy. Jonny? Kevin? I don't have your chickens" he said.

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