Rolf's Journey to the Distant Meadows is a complete fanfiction written by Kirkland22.


Rolf's Nana has placed upon Rolf the duty of journeying to a land called the Distant Meadows to find a lost family possession. Rolf must leave the cul-de-sac with Wilfred and Victor, find the item, and return home. He must journey to this far land with food, water, and supplies, but no traces of modern transport.

Chapter 1: Rolf is informed of his duty, and he must tell everyone in the cul-de-sac that he is leaving. Then, he must prepare his supplies to take on the journey.

Chapter 2: Now, Rolf exchanges his last goodbyes with the cul-de-sac kids and leaves. His journey has now started.

Chapter 3: Rolf awakes to find a storm brewing overhead. This delays his journey, and he must find shelter with Wilfred and Victor.

Chapter 4: The storm has stopped and Rolf and his animals have stumbled into a town. In this town, Rolf is able to restock some of his food supplies and retrieve donations for his journey from the local people.

Chapter 5: Victor accidentally steps on a sharp stone and ends up injuring his foot. This injury delays the journey as Rolf tries to care for the injured Victor.

Chapter 6: A month has passed and the journey has gone peacefully. Rolf realizes that he is nearing his destination, and he is determined to get there.

Chapter 7: Unfortunately, a large gorge has blocked Rolf's journey, and he must travel around the massive blockade and get back on track.

Chapter 8: Finally, Rolf realizes he is back on track after passing the gorge and familiarizes with the land around him.

Chapter 9: The final week of Rolf's journey has arrived and he is now on the Distant Meadows.

Chapter 10: After a tiresome journey, Rolf has finally found his family's Bible in the Distant Meadows, and reminisces in the content of the book.


1. Rolf's Duty

2. Rolf's Journey Begins

3. The Storm

4. The Town

5. Victor's Injury

6. One Month Later

7. The Gorge

8. The Familiar Land

9. The Final Week

10. The Distant Meadows


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