Samantha J. Smith
Aliases/Nicknames: Sammie
December 7, 1993
Age: 18 (Movie 1) - 20 (Movie 3)
Owner: Spongeman537
Credits: Eddy's Girlfriend, Dorkette (by Kevin)
Hair Color: Brown
Brother(s): Jack Smith (seen in Movie 2)
Sister(s): Alice Smith (Seen in Movie 3)
First Appearance: Ed, Edd,n Eddy Big Picture Show: Spongeman537 version!


She has Brown hair, wears a white and Green striped dress (with no sleeves), and wears blue shorts. She is about the same size as Eddy.


She was born in New Orleans in 1994, where she was adopted by Foster Parents because her parents had been shot at the age of 3. She was later raised in Washington D.C.,and then she moved into the Cul-de-sac with the Eds.


Spongeman537's Big picture Show Movie Series: In this version of the BPS made by Spongeman537, she makes her debut as Eddy's Girlfriend. She lives in Washington D.C. and she tags along with the others to finds Eddy's Brother, and in the end, she is able to convince her family to move into the Cul-de-sac. In the second film (which will be released soon), she and Eddy go on a cruise along with Ed, Edd, Eddy, Nazz, Jimmy and Sarah, and their relationship grows deeper. In the third film, she falls in love with a new kid on the block named Matthew, and Eddy searches to find his true soul mate.

Video Games

"Awwwww look."-- Ed

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