Age: 9
Owner: Manta-bee
Credits: Little cousin
Half-pint (by Kevin)
Portrayer: Kathleen Barr (fictuously)
First Appearance: "Cousin Ed"

Sandy is Edd's cousin and the younger sister of Molly. She is younger than Edd and his friends, about the same age as Sarah and Jimmy. At times, she proves to be quite sharp and intelligent, mostly due to the fact that she looks up to her older cousin. Sandy is a small girl with black hair in pigtails and wears a purple (some stories, light blue) dress with puffed sleeves and a ruffled skirt, white socks and black mary-jane shoes. For a few moments into the story, Sandy seems to have a small crush on Eddy. (Hey, even Eddy needs some love, and certainly not the kind from The Kankers.) Sandy has even proven to be enjoying Eddy's scams and taking a disliking to Kevin, but then seems to have gotten over it by the middle or end. During the time she was first introduced to Plank, she seemed to understand his every word. But as soon as Plank speaks once more, she didn't seem to have heard it, but luckily it was translated by Jonny, as always. Was it really a speck of Plank's realism shining through or was she simply just playing along? Hmm...


Ed, Edd, n Eddy 2009 Ed-ition!

She makes another appearance in this show by Spongeman537.

Video Games


  • She was added by the creator after her friend created Molly.
  • Her An, Ann n Anny conterpart would be called "Xander".

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