• School is Ed session

Idea By: TdawgzT23

Summary: It's another day in the 6th grade for the Cul-de-sac kids. The principal has just annouced that it is Jawbreaker day in the Cafeteria. The Ed's go crazy. But their homeroom teacher also annouces that there will be a test today.Whoever doesn't pass doesn't get to go to the Cafeteria for their jawbreakers. They take their test but the only one who passes is Jonny. The kids get mad. The teacher says until they pass they can't get their jawbreakers. The teacher leaves the room giving the kids a chance to sneek out of the air vent. They make it to the Cafeteria to beat up Jonny and enjoy their jawbreakers, until the principal catches them. So they get in trouble but it was worth it.

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