"Shatter' Ed Glass"
Date written: November 2009
Writer: Godzilla101 (Oprevious Man)
Title Reference: Transformers: Shattered Glass

Shatter'Ed Glass is the sixth season debut of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Confirmed by Danny Antonucci, the sixth season takes place before the Big Picture Show.


In this episode, Double D wishes everything was the opposite, thinking nothing works in the Cul-De-Sac. However, a ghost version of him (similar to the ghost Edd from Cleanliness Is Next To Edness), shows him the Shattered Glass universe, where Edd sees what's behind the mirror.

Character Personality in the Shattered Glass Universe
Ed Edd Eddy68


Ed is really smart, is a genius, can spell every word in the dictionary, doesn't obey Eddy really well. He hates monster movies, doesn't like comic books, Ed is pessimistic, hates butter and gravy, isn't allergic to bunnies, eels, or butterscotch pudding. He keeps his room really clean, always showers, and doesn't like bad smells.


Eddy is not a con-artist. He is really kind, very happy and cheerful, doesn't like jawbreakers, and like the real Eddy, he does scams but all his scams succeed (except the Shattered Glass Universe version of Ed's Mart). Eddy enjoys getting clothes for Christmas presents.
Screenie 3


Rolf speaks really clear, is rather obese, and is American instead of originated from a foreign fictional European country.
Kevin nazz highschool1

Kevin and Nazz

They are teenagers, but still like each other. Nazz has a bad anger issue but Kevin doesn't. Kevin doesn't enjoy bike-riding very well. Kevin doesn't call Eddy a dork, since in this universe, they are friends. In Peach Creek Jr. High, Nazz can correctly pronounce spelling bee words and Kevin isn't a popular jock.
Strong Jimmy

Strong Jimmy

Jimmy is super strong, is really agressive. Jimmy doesn't even need to go to the hospital if his ankle is broken! He doesn't wear braces, he has muscles. Jimmy has never worn bandages and doesn't know what a bandage is. He hates playing with dolls and doesn't use his Easy-Bake Oven often (although he is better cook than Real-Life Jimmy because Real-Life Jimmy always makes mistakes in cooking).


Sarah is extremely kind, is the OLDER sister of Ed, and isn't actually a brat. She doesn't play with dolls often, but still, like the real world, is friends with Jimmy. Sarah never calls Ed a bad name, and has hated Double D, thinking Double D is ugly.


Jonny is pretty smart, gets As on his report card, and has a normal-sized head. He doesn't take orders from bossy Plank. However, his alter ego Captain Melonhead is a villain who fights to steal money from the kids of the Cul-De-Sac. However, he is defeated by Professor Truth, the crime fighter who saves the day.
Gimme Gimme Never Plank


Plank can talk, move, and eat. The audience can clearly see the Shattered Glass Plank as a living organism, instead of a mysterious inanimate object for Jonny 2 X 4. Plank's alter ego, Splinter the Wonderwood, is the henchman of evil Captain Melonhead.

Professor Truth

Professor Truth is the ultimate opposite of Professor Scam. He clearly is Shattered Glass Eddy. Professor Truth fights and defeats the evil Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood from stealing the money of the Cul-De-Sac kids.

Double D

Edd is the last one the list. Real-life Edd is shocked that Shattered Glass Edd is stupid, never won the Spelling Bees except the 8th won. Shattered Glass Edd doesn't label everything, has very bad hygene, and still wears his black hat. Edd is a bad partner for Eddy, is very mean and pessimistic to others.


Rolf momma
Double D states that he doesn't want to be in Shattered Glass, so he asks Ghost Edd to take him back to real life. Edd is relieved because he'd rather help Eddy with his mind-tweaking plans that caused disaster. Edd tells Eddy he'd be happy to fix up any disaster Eddy has caused. Eddy replies, "Great, Ed and I accidentally created a man-eating teddy bear". Double D sees Rolf crying "MOMMA!!!" while running away from a teddy bear.

"Maybe I should like back at the pros of the opposite world again," says Double D. Iris in.

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