The Shut Up Helmet is a device seen in the Me and The Eds: The Next Generation episode, Here Comes The Ed.


It was used on Eddy. It was attached to his head. It was designed to clench the wearer's mouth shut so they cannot speak. It could've been activated one of two ways, a button is pressed, or the timer on the back hits zero. Kevin places this on Eddy so he cannot speak during the whole wedding when he tries to hack into the stereo system. The only possible way of removing it is with a key that only Kevin had. He hid it in his chest pocket.


  • The helmet is a parody of the Reverse Bear Trap from Saw.
  • The device was originally going to be called the "Reverse" Reverse Bear Trap.
  • In the original script, Eddy was going to slap one of these onto Edd's head as he says "I do".

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