Sid New character


Age: 16
Owner: Constinet gr
Credits: New Kid,Prank Master
Nicknames Green Cap,Prank Master
First Appearance: Vampire Eds

Sid is a fan character created by constinet gr he is a prankster.At school he is friends with the ed's and zeke.



  • Unseen parents
  • Harold (cousin)
  • Helene (cousin)

In fan fiction


  • Ed:we must defeat the evil kanker's and not let them reach club ed
  • Eddy:you hear that kankers we aint letting you up here
  • Kanker sisters:this means war former boy friends!
  • Eddy:we were never your boy friends we hate you.
  • Sid:yeh you physco stalkers!
  • Eddy:good one sid
  • Edd:language please!.


  • The creator of sid constinet gr had origanly planed for sid to be a friend of eddy's brother and that eddy's brother would return to the cul de sac with sid and another friend.

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