at the theatre is keviniscopus

keviniscopus: and here they are laddies and gentleman fresh from the trip from egypt , the scourge of the wizards , treasure finders extraordinar please welcome emu , double m and eddymus

the crows applause

double m: hey folks we dint mean to intrerupe the show heres the toybox you wanter well be in our way

eddymus: just as you cuff up our prize

keviniscopus: of course of course but before i hand out the big reward the crows would want to know about your adventure

double m: not much really

eddymus: we came , we saw we quankerd hand over the lute

keviniscopus: hahaha somebodies no my audience want all the details dont you friends

then the crowd wents wild

keviniscopus: so tell me eds , to begin with how did you pass the scammer challenge

double m: with some cookies and with my aknowelge of hyroglyphics and the can o nuts we did it

then the crowd applaudes

keviniscopus: good now when you got to the tomb how did you get the toybox

double m: we undid a protection spell with the cubes from rolfinius room

keviniscopus: so cool and now i heards that theres was a robbery in the train how did you get the thief

double m: well first the robber was emu little sister sarahndra but johnnyius airwood got the toybox and give it to us

keviniscopus: they are a incredible team arent they

eddymus: thats nice now how about the reward

keviniscopus: fear not my talentated friends you shall recieve you rewards right NOW .

the keviniscopus uses magic and double m disappears

keviniscopus: my dead eddymus and emu you have been choosen to play my starring roll in the greatest spectacle of the age THE SUMMONING OF YOH-SOGGOTH

eddymus: yeah right where is double m

but their stopped by keviniscopus

keviniscopus: yog-soggoth the most terrible of the elder ones , baneshd to the self dimain for six long millania , but you two with you extraordinar psychic gifts you will say the words to bring him from the realm of darkness into the light

then he uses magic and appears toys brom the box and then the two dissapear and reapper in the face of the toybox

keviniscopus: if you refuse to play your rolls a certain friend of your will meet unfourtnate demise

emu: double m

they see double m tied upside down

keviniscopus: unfourtnate demise in a vat of flash eating ants

double m: yacks

eddymus: are you sure this roll is us

keviniscopus: you two are the one with the gifts which reminds me

then he uses magic and grabbes the can o nuts and mr yum yum

keviniscopus: alright fine quo up the entrance music

keviniscopus: yog-soggoth prince of darkness decend to us to the riving wastes of under darkness we summon you from the book of abominations now you say omkay uminey the otterways unfayy

the double m uses cookies at throws them in the nostrils and the inscription is glowing and then there is smoke and mr yum yum flies and emu catches it

eddymus: i see him in the chest

keviniscopus: yog-soggoth

emu: tentacles glowing red eyes

eddymus: got to be him shorter then i suspected him to be

keviniscopus: let me see where where

then he throws the two behind the scene

eddymus: look close

then emu uses mr yum yum on keviniscopus

keviniscopus: omkay ominey the otterways umfai oh oh

then the toybox starts to glow and then it bursts and keviniscopus jumps and then the ancestors cover their eyes and then when it was finally over they dont see keviniscopus

double m: well that was interasting

emu: and we certanly gives the audience their money worth wont you say folks

then nothing happens

eddymus: what about this thing

double m: oh thats right cant have the ed toybox falling in any villanous hands

then he got freed

eddymus: where should we stash it

at a sewer

rolfinius: my my you give rolfinius a job to protecto the ed toybox thank you

double m: no problem

rolfinius: now lets see rolfinius better put the spell of protection to keep it safe stand over there so you dont get zapped by the magic

double m: we dont want that to happen hahaha

then rolfinius uses magic

emu: coooool

double m and eddymus: emu

then they try to get their friend but then rolfinius accidentaly zaps the ancestors and they became skeletons

rolfinius: well rolfinius thinks this place wont be found by anyone

then rolfinius goes away and the reel ends with the end ?

then back at the real world the narrator appears

narrator: three skeletons forming 4 reels of film and one barried toybox and century old story now forgetton in the sewer of history , but the part as discarsamticy to fry the freshling arms of the present and rap its condravroues fingers on the entrails of the future

then the narrator dissapears and double d cames in

ed: hey double d

double : well that took longer then i suspected the public bathroom was closes so i had to hey

then double d sees that they watched the last part

double d: you two watched the ending without me

ed: sorry

double d: anyway so tell me what was the big final twist , emu double m and eddymuss dragged under the sewer by crazed sewer rats

ed: no i will tell you

then ed tell everything to double d

double d: oh my i think you are shocked as well this story was one big final twist with kevin ancestor being a villain and their death too right eddy

but eddy doesnt respond

double d: eddy whats wrong with

but eddy has a face of death

double d: you ..... eddy

ed: double d look

double d looks and he sees and hes shocked as he sees that eddy head is opened and his brain is missing

and the narrator appears

narrator: keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle in all times the ride is going to get twisty

then the scene fades to black .

to be continued

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