after the others eat eddy annouces the challenge is a sport challenge . the first challenge was a box battle and the first one was ed vs may , and ed win by knocking may out of the ring , the next match of box was kevin vs marie and marie win by beating kevin , the next match of box was lee vs jenny and lee won by knocking jenny out of the ring and the final match was nazz vs dick and nazz won by knocking dick out of the ring and the final challenge is a basket match with the winner from the previous challenge of box ed , marie , lee and nazz , and the winner of the challenge was marie and her reward was a sports movie with eddy fighting zombies . at the guilded eddy ceremony the guilded eddy was given to jenny , kevin , nazz , dick and marie . the bottom three was ed , may and lee , the next guilded eddy was to ed and the final bottom two was may and lee and the final guilded eddy was to lee and may was angry that everyone votted her and she goes to the lameosine

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