Star EDs Episode IV:The Force is Strong with this Ed is a fanmade spoof of Star Wars.


The Eds invite The Kids to Club Ed for a "Star Wars"movie marathon but after the clubhouse's fuses blow Ed decides to tell the story of Star Wars


Ed- Himself,Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca

Edd-Himself andC-3PO

Eddy - Himself and Han Solo

Jimmy- Himself and R2-D2

Nazz- Herself and Princess Leia

Kevin- Himself and Darth Vader

Mung Daal-Ben Kenobi

Rolf-Himself,Grand Moff Tarkin, Uncle Owen,Death Star Workers and Stormtroopers

Marie Kanker-Aunt Beru

Johnny-Himself,Stormtroopers,Death Star workers and Tuskan Raider

Bugs Bunny-Greedo

Sarah-Herself and Jawa

Plank-Himself and Dianoga

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