Star EDs Episode V:May the Ed be with you is the sequel to Star EDs:Episode IV:The Force is Stong With this Ed and a spoof of the Empire Strikes Back.


'Jimmy Himself,Luke Skywalker

'Eddy- Himself and Chewbacca'

'Edd-Himself and C-3PO'

'Ed- Himself and Han Solo'

'Wilfred the Pig- Himself and R2-D2'

'Nazz- Herself and Princess Leia'

'Kevin- Himself and Boba Fett'

Johnny-Himself,Admiral Ozzle

Kevin's Dad , Admiral Piett

Eddy's Brother as Darth Vader

Mung Daal- the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

Ed's Dad-Yoda

Rolf-Himself and Lando Calrissian

Baron O Beef Dip as Wampa

Sarah-Herself as space slug

Eddy's Dad- Emperor Palpatine Ed's toy monster as mynocks 'Edd's Dad as General Veers

Frylock-Probe droid

Oglethorpe,Emory, Ignignokt and Err-Themselves

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