dylan as luke skywalker

Eddy as Han solo

Nazz as princess leia

Edd as C-3PO

ed as R2-D2

dog as chewbaca

Jonny as Yoda

Plank as yoda's cane named slither

kevin as Boba Fett

unidentified cul-de-sac kid as darth vader

created by Jbarb

written by Jbarb


its winter time in the cul-de-sac and the rebellion is still fighting the evil forces of the empire led by darth vader who now seeks revenge on luke skywalker until he discovers that luke skywalker is actually his brother and now he is on a quest to convince his brother to join the dark side.Meanwhile,back at the cul-de-sac winter base.Han solo is fixing up the millenium falcon while chewbaca stands and watches.princess leia is planning a strategy to attack the empire.R2-D2 is watching paint dry while C-3PO stands alongside him wondering how he finds it entertaining.luke is still sad about the loss of Ben and has been training with his lightsaber very often.And the rebellion has built a new winter base for the coming winter.Darth Vader decides to attack the rebellion with his most powerful terrain vehicles:AT-AT's.AT-AT's are giant walkers.Darth Vader released the AT-AT's on the cul-de-sac and in no time at all they managed to destroy the cul-de-sac winter base.However,the main characters managed to flee the scene in the millenium falcon.Meanwhile on the ship,luke has a vision of ben that tells him to go to the Junkyard and find master Yoda.And so Han solo drops luke off at the Junkyard and then goes to the candy store where he is surprised to see darth vader waiting for him accompanied by a squad of stormpoopers why capture the gang and freeze Han Solo in a block of ice.Meanwhile back at the junkyard luke finds master yoda and his trusty cane named slither.Yoda trains luke to become a jedi but luke has to abandon the training to go and save his friends from darth vader in which he succeeds but Han solo has already been delivered to Jabba the butts palace by his rival boba fett.

To be continued

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