I here made the official adaptation to a volume of Malibu Comics is the 3 volumes of history based on a video game is Street Fighter version Ed, Edd n Eddy.

== Cast ==

Ed as Ryu

*Eddy as Ken

*Nazz as Chun-Li

*Plank as Balrog

*Johnny as Bison

*Bruce (Eddy's Brother) as Sagat

*Kevin as Guile

*Rolf as Zangief

*Eddward as Blanka

*Jimmy as Vega

*Sean (Rof's Cow) as E. Honda

*Victor as Shadaloo

*Wilfred as The Ferret

== Part 1 of 3:Battle Scar==

The story begins with Bruce (in this story Bruce is the real name of the brother of eddy) watching The cul-de-sac: callejera.Bruce fights angry because while the show ed he defeated in a fight Bruce so destroys the TV then appears and tells plank with sarcaso to go talk to the boss to discuss his defeat in the street fighter and start to fight.johnny quiet at 2 and hatches a plan to avenge ed, eddy and nazz.enviando to Bruce, plank and a band of terrorists, ed going to practice with Nazz and start training but depronto ed enters the no kissing ridiculous Nazz, Nazz so take a break, a minute later, Ed, Eddy and Nazz sports night.Eddy Ed is interviewed support to beat Jimmy in a match of Street Fighter, Ed wins and then goes home Temprado as Nazz received a call saying that the teacher is sick and sure eddy, eddy going to make a juice propaganda after propaganda sprite will have fun in a bar full of celebrities but go outside and you hear the alarm of his car even though it's plank and start talking, Plank said: hola super star. Eddy says go you big plank. decideignorar eddy plank to plank but eddy tries to attack but attack him on and start fighting but the fight is interruptions by terrorists, eddy plank escapes but Jake appears behind him saying hello pipsqueak, eddy says: what the hell? Bruce?!, When bruce says revenge not only brother and you too ed, eddy says: oh no! will have to fight me, bro you know like old times.

Part 2 of 3:Crash of the Brotherhood

To Be Continue

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