Super Ed is the alter-ego/Transformed version, of Ed. He has used this form once, in the video game EEnE: Legend of the Goldbreakers.


EEnE: legend of the goldbreakers When Ed transforms, he does not really change, but he gains golden spikey hair. He also gains a flaming golden aura.

Edpic super

Super Ed

EEnE: Unleashed He looks like from LOTG, but he gains more spikes

Powers and Abilities

Super Ed has a few abilities. He is super strong, stronger than the Kankers combined! He gains the ability to fly at mach speeds. And he is invulnerable. He also can shoot a powerful beam of gravy at his enemies.


EEnE: Legend of the Goldbreakers EEnE: Unleashed

Edpic super1

Super Ed (From EEnE: Unleashed)

More to come! PLEASE don't delete!

(P.S. people are allowed to use 'Super Ed' in their EEnE Fanfic Video Games.)

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