This is a game based on Mario Super Sluggers/MLB 2K10.

It was released for the Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2010.

This game was a commercial and financial success and won best Mario Sports title of the year.


The Eds were once again, bored. They were looking for something to do. Eddy couldn't even think of a scam!

Eddy then watched the other kids play baseball. Suddenly, he got an idea. He told Ed and Double D about MBL (MARIO BASEBALL LEAGUE) and they wanted to sign up.

Double D went on his computer and went to On this website, he found the sign-up page and clicked on it.

Then the Eds all signed their names in and became official members. Unknown to the Eds, the other kids were watching and decided to join in, too.

Later the next day, everyone recieved an invitation to the S.S. Baseball.

Now, it's the battle for the top team, and whoever wins gets 1,000,000$!


There are the characters from Super Sluggers, and some new characters as well!

Ed, Edd, n Eddy Baseball New Characters
Character Batting Running Pitching Fielding
Ed 9 1 1 9
Edd 1 2 9 6
Eddy 6 9 6 6
Kevin 5 6 5 3
Rolf 8 2 2 5
Jonny 4 8 4 4
Jimmy 1 8 6 2
Eddy's Bro 9 4 4 8

Special: Comic Ball!
Special:Cash Wave!
Special: Dork Smash! (Only on the Eds)
Special: Muddy Ball!
Special: Melon Ball
Special: Doll Ball

Special: Rampage Ball




Evil Tim







Game Modes

Exhibition- Play Now!

Season- Work your way to the top!

Playoffs- Tired of finishing a season? Skip to the playoffs!

Challenge- Challenge Mode like the one from Sluggers

Franchise-The Ultimate Game Mode

My Player- Start as a water boy, become the League MVP!

Options- Configure some stuff.

Toy Field- Toy Field from Sluggers.

Wi-Fi(Only on Wii), Xbox Live(On Xbox 360), Online(On PC)

Practice- If you are a newbie, come over here!

New Teams

Peach Creek Cobblers:

Captain/1st Batter/Pitcher: Kevin

2nd Batter/Left Fielder: Ed

3rd Batter/Right Fielder: Rolf

4th Batter/Center Fielder: Eddy's Brother

5th Batter/In Fielder: Eddy

6th Batter/In Fielder: Jonny

7th Batter/Catcher: Edd

8th Batter/1st Baseman: Jimmy

9th Batter/2nd Baseman: Sarah

Shortstop: Nazz


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