Teddy is Eddy's ferret in Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool.

Teddy's basic design.

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One day Eddy spotted Teddy sitting on his roof and took him back inside. He mentioned him to Ed and Edd, and claimed it was a cat, but they only got to see it a week after Eddy found him. Edd immediately remarked it was a ferret.

Eddy kept it and called it "Teddy", matching his own name. The ferret has pretty much the same position in the series as any of Edd's pets, and will not make that many appearances.


Teddy is a brown ferret with a bored facial expression. A noticeable feature he has is that his nose is pink and has two black dots on it, somewhat shaped like a star and a moon.


Teddy sleeps alot and is a friendly, drowsy animal, though doesn't seem to like Edd.


  • Teddy is a ferret the artist once had.

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