"Terminator: Edment Day"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Casimus Prime
Previous Fanfic: Terminator: Ed-vation

Terminator: Edment Day is a fanfiction sequel to Terminator: Ed-vation, written by Casimus Prime. His Me and The Eds character appears as the T-1100.


Nazz's voice (as an adult) comes on and says:

Peach Creek, September 23, 1987. On this day, the world was consumed in atomic fire. The historians called this day "Edment Day". But they soon faced an ever greater threat, The war against the machines. The machine manufacturer "Ednet" sent 2 Terminators to destroy Ed Resistance commander Eddy Connor.


The setting is still night but near the jawbreaker factory. An atomic bubble opens revealing to be Casimus Prime but now called "CyberEd Systems Unit: 1100" aka T-1100. He too was a Terminator of the EE-900 just as Ed was, but he wasn't alone. The thing about human Terminators is that before they are merged, they have to be stripped naked. And unfortunately, CyberEd systems forgot to clothe the T-1100. So he goes to a biker bar and demands a biker's clothes, as well as the keys to his motorcycle. He refuses. The T-1100 throws him into the kitchen, onto the boilers. He gives up his clothes, the keys to his motorcycle, a shotgun, and even a pair of sunglasses. He rides out of Ottawa and into Peach Creek where 12 year old Eddy Connor is robbing ATMs and stealing comics. His mother, Emily, is in physical therapy for freaking out when she saw the T-900 in the previous film. Eddy's friends, Ed and Edd are helping him. Until they get caught by Kevin, who is really the T-2000. Before he can kill them, Edd realizes he too is a Terminator. He tries to change, but he can't. Before they are shot, the T-1100 comes in. He tells them to get on his bike. The 4 ride to a motel to pass the night. The T-1100 tells the Eds about himself, and his mission. The 4 make it to the detention center where Eddy's mom is held captive. They break her out and get her to an elevator. But look who's here? Yep, the T-2000. The T-1100 says "I'll be back" and goes to attack. The Eds and Emily go to the motorcycle and run. The T-1100 kills Kevin, hijacks a Hunter Killer and flies off back to the Eds as their legal guardian.


  • T-900: Edd's Terminator form. He tries to activate it, but fails.
  • T-1100: Casimus' Terminator form. He resembles the T-101 from T2. He speaks like Arnold Schwartznegger.
  • T-2000: Kevin's Terminator form. He resembles the T-1000. His disguised form is a cop.


  • Eddy: "I wonder who this guy is?"
    Edd: "I'll ask."
    T-1100: "I am the CyberEd systems T-1100."
    Edd: "So you're a Terminator?"
    T-1100: "Yes and no. I have the parts of a Terminator, but my allegiance is to the Ed Resistance."
    T-1100: "Get behind me. I'll take him out."
    T-2000: "I can't catch you, but I can trap you."
    Emily: "Don't hurt us please."
    Eddy: "Mom. It's okay, he won't hurt us."
    T-1100: "I'll be back."

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