Terminator Unit: EE-900 is Edd's Terminator form in the fan-fic Terminator: Ed-vation.


Similar to a scene in T2, Edd's DNA was combined with that of a T-800. The doctor said he is free to go as long as he controls his anger. As the T-900, he is very strong and able to resist anything 9,000 times his own weight. He doesn't wear his traditional black hat anymore.


The only way to turn him into The Terminator is just to piss em' off. His eyes will shut then open glowing red, warning you he is about to become The Terminator. After his eyes continue to glow, his skin will then shape-shift into robotic parts. Once his transformation is complete, he will announce "I am The Terminator" (dun dun duh!).

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