Eddy's older bro
Aliases/Nicknames: "Bro", "Big bro" (By Eddy)
Credits: Eddy's older brother
First Appearance: "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show"

Terry is one of Eddy's brother's given names. This name was introduced by VampireMeerkat and first used in the title "Ferry, Jerry n Terry" in 2010. The name is derived from the actor who voiced him in The Big Picture Show.

This page discusses Eddy's brother's past as was written by VampireMeerkat.

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See: Eddy's brother at the Ed, Edd n Eddy Wikia.



Eddy's brother, "Terry", at 14 years old.

Terry was Jack and Jessica's only child for 8 years, until his little brother Eddy was born and he stopped getting their full attention. The birth of Eddy made him turn bitter towards him and his parents, and he even attempted to lethally assault his infant brother as an attempt to become only child again.
This action did not get unnoticed, and Terry's parents' relationship with Terry worsened from that moment on. As punishment, he was moved to the basement and Eddy received his original bedroom.

While he was already a dubious child, he grew up to become a menace that bullied and scammed other children whenever he got the opportunity. His motives for scamming was different from Eddy's, as money never interested him. It was purely malicious.


Eddy's brother, "Terry", at 8 years old. Image from Red Is All I See, Who Could Blame Me?.

During his life he deliberately chose not to befriend anyone and was a happy loner till two boys named Ferry and Jerry noticed his "talents" and became determined to join him as his "little helpers".
While Terry did everything in his power to chase them away, they were undiscouragable and actually forced him to consider a relationship with them. But after one year of forced friendship, Ferry and Jerry moved out of Peach Creek and Terry never made any new friends ever since.

Terry was ordered out of the house at the age of 17, since he was a bad influence on Eddy; who didn't hide from his parents he looked up to him, till the point he stayed silent about his abuse in order to preserve Terry's image to the outside world.
Terry did not hesitate to leave his family and most of his possessions behind, and considered the theme park he worked for his new home. While he doesn't talk to his parents, he still keeps contact with Eddy.

Eddy and Terry

The relationship Terry has with Eddy is odd. While it's obvious that Eddy is upset about his brother's abuse towards him and Terry has spiteful feelings for his younger sibling, the two of them still feel the urge to contact each other. Terry feels Eddy is to blame for his bad relationship with their parents, but is flattered by his submissiveness and has acted friendly with him on occasions.
Eddy's urge to make up lies for and about him is caused by his views on what an older brother should be like.


  • The irony lies in that Eddy today wants the room that Terry got as punishment.

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