Ed is sitting rolling on the floor, giggling as usual when Eddy and Edd barge in. Eddy says he has a "suprise" for Ed. the suprise turns out to be Ed's distant cousin, Freddy, a guy wearing a black top hat. Freddy claims he is starting a band, and he want's the Ed's to be part of it. Eddy is selected to be the leader. The band is called " Little Eddy and the Scammers". The band announces to the cul - da - sac that their band is going to sing a song called " Rich" . The band sings the song, but they are booed of the stage when they are finished. After that they are chased all around the cul - da - sac until they are cornered. Suddenly the Kankers show up, and Fred comments on how he should of never moved to Peach Creek

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