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The Ed Boys Episode
"The Amazing Ed"
The Amazing ed
Season No.: Season 1
Episode No.: Episode 1
Scam: The Ed Show
Airdate: 19 February 2010
Title Reference: The Amazing Race
Writer(s): Lukestercyele
Director(s): Lukestercyele
Storyboards by: Lukestercyele
Storyboard Artist(s): Lukestercyele
Storyboard Director(s): Lukestercyele
Music by: Lukestercyele
Previous Episode: TBA
Next Episode: The Ed Monitor>>

This is the first episode of lukestercyele1234's new series, The Ed Boys, it's the episode which, Eddy create a talent show before the school's talent show tomorrow night.


Part One

A first Day at School and the Eds and Kids were in the drama class with the teacher, Ms. Baker, she telling them about the big talent show tomorrow night.

When the school's bells go and it's time to go home and Eddy was so upset it's talent show and Double D must thinking the way to win the show. When Kevin came up to the eds with his bike and tell them they are going to lose and Kevin takeoff and said, "DORKS". Eddy stared to get angry and step on flowers and jumping up and down. When Ed having an idea to make a good scams and Double D and Eddy listening to what Ed told them about the talents show of bands. Eddy like it so Eddy rush them home. Double D and Ed run wave back.

Part Two

Later, the Eds in Eddy's house. Ed picking his nose, Double D was stand three doing nothing and Eddy walking around and thinking about the show. Ed have an idea to tell Eddy to making a rock band, then Eddy likes it. The next morning, Ed and Eddy walk to Double D's garage to wait, then the door opening

Part Three

writing soon...



Peach Creek Jr. High

Season 1
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