Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"The Arrival (Episode)"
The Arrival 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 1
Title Reference: None
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Aliens Of the Earth (Episode)


The beggining of TEI has arrived. The players are intourduced, starting with Ed. He tells how happy he is to be there, and he walks away. Edd comes and complains why everything isn't labeled. Ed screams as Evil Tim arrives. Eddy says he didn't put Evil Tim on the list. Kevin arrives on his bike. He of course flys out of nowhere. Jonny and Plank come, along with Nazz, Sarah and Jimmy alltoghether on a sepreate boat. Lee, Marie and May fly out on the Land Windsurfer. Two hours later, Rolf arrives. Of course he used an old fashioned rowboat, silly! The players pick their trailers and unpack. Eddy explains the shoiw rules and gives them a tour. Then, he explains the challenge. A big meteor hits the ground and the kids run to the playground. The episode ends.


  • Evil Tim: Hello everybody. I've come to get revenge.

Ed: IT'S EVIL TIM! (He starts running around and screaming)

Eddy: Hmm, he wasn't on the list.

  • Rolf: Hello kids! Rolf has arrived! (He looks) Hello?
  • Kevin: Where's the bike rack?

Eddy: There's no bike rack on this island.


  • This is the first time someone doesn't get voted off. The second, third and fourth were in The Edtermath, The Edtermath 2, and The Edtermath 3.
  • Evil Tim came to the show for revenge. He wasn't really a competitor, which explains why Eddy says he wasn't on the list.

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