The Bakugan Ed Brawlers is a crossover of ed, edd n eddy and bakugan there is three seasons only one so far its made by goku and taters on

Season One

The Beggining
Dark Bakugan
Water Brawl
Subterra Trouble
Brawl On the farm
Edd Vs Ed
Ed's Defense
Sarah Vs Eddy
Nazz Vs Sarah
Chanlee Attacks
Claus Vs Johnny and Preyas
Komba Against Kevin
Julio Vs Ed
Evolution Revolution

Season Two

Nightmare For Jimmy
I am Johnny Here me roar
Kevin Trapped
Young Eddy Vs Ed
Double D Vs Hydra
Behind The Mask of Masquarade
Masquarade Unmasked
a Fish called taygen
Big Brawl
Welcome to Naga-Ville
Back On Earth
Double D and Ed Team Up
Kevin Vs Next Villian
Showdown In Wardington
The Final Brawl
Game Over

Season Three New Edstroia

Invasion Of The Vestals
Facing Ace
Johnnys Mission
One Defeat
Return Of Kevin
Cyber Bakugan
The Plan
Run For Freedom
Gate Crashers
Duel In The Dunes
Last One Standing
Show Me The Power
Dark Drago
Back To Vestroia
Vestal Showdown Part 1
Vestal Showdown Part 2
Gus Vs Johnny
Ed Vs Spectra


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