Edd attempting to arrest Bobby Blabby

Eds teacher

Ed in his disguise

The Bobby Blabby Issue 2 is a fan-fiction article by Godzilla101.


Blobby Blabby magazine articles were destroyed by reputation before. But someone has taken over the second Blobby Blabby Issue #2.

The Articles

  • Jonny's body bacteria develops a certain type of disease called, "The Not-Always Common Cold-Hearted Trouble of Germs in Jonny".
  • Kevin uses Plank to complete board-laying on his house roof.
  • Jimmy is actually from another planet called chimp a dhimp.
  • Edd actually has dandruff, lice, and is bald, that's why he wears his hat.
  • Rolf blows up Kevin's house as revenge at Kevin for blowing up his house as home for his grandmother.
  • Sarah found out that she's not part of a "secret chimp foghorn race", but a "screaming-turkey" race.
  • Nazz is afraid of herself.
  • The world supply of banana increased by 86% of the same number rate in 1973.
  • Rolf is a "carnivorous mutant cannibal".
  • Nazz uses Plank to pick her nose with.
  • May drank 200 cups of joe.


  • Publisher: Ed (disguised as an old lady)
  • Newspaper Delivery: liz
  • Writer: Bobby Blabby's true identity name: Eddy


  • The Disease Control Agency kidnapped Jonny and took him into the Bacteria Prison to dissect and study the disease type.
  • Jonny got Kevin in trouble after being released from the DCA Prison by telling his parents.
  • Jimmy was taken by NASA and Interpol to locate him back to his home planet.
  • Double D didn't believe it, and removed his hat to prove it, only to realize that at least that he was bald.
  • Kevin beat up Rolf.
  • Sarah got very angry and is looking for the publisher.
  • Nazz's reaction was the same as Sarah's.
  • The Cul-de-Sac kids' parents brought extra bananas home for dinner, making the kids happy.
  • Zoologists are now on the search for "Rolf the Cannibal"; and when they find him they will put him in the zoo.
  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Wood (POCTW) Act is now on a war-path against Nazz.
  • Caffine rush with May kanker.