The Collapse of the Haunted House is a complete fanfiction written by Kirkland22.


The Collapse of the Haunted House begins when the Eds decide to open up a touring scam inside the haunted house of Peach Creek. Later, they end up destroying the house and causing a lot more damage to the house, themselves, and the neighborhood kids than they had planned.

Chapter 1: The Eds open up a touring scam in the haunted house. They do their own tour to make sure everything is okay in the house and then open it for business.

Chapter 2: The kids have fallen for the scam and now tour the house. Unfortunately for them, they are victimized to a collapse which was caused by the panicked Ed. The Eds manage to escape but now must rescue the kids out of the rubble and debris.

Chapter 3: The Eds shove their way through the wreckage of the collapsed house and rescue the trapped kids. The kids are injured and not happy, so they take their money back. The haunted house is now a pile of debris and dust.


1. The Haunted House Scam

2. The Haunted House Collapses

3. The Aftermath of the Collapse


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