The Coma is a fan-fiction written by Spongeman537. A football accident knocks Eddy in a coma, and while in the hospital we get to see some of Eddy's memories


The Lemon Brook Lumpers are playing Peach Creek again, and a "accident" knocks Eddy into a coma. At the hospital, Ed sits next to Eddy's bed, and we see a memory of Eddy: His first day of Peach Creek

First Day

It was a cool August morning, and a 5 year old Eddy was woken by him mother. "Wake up, sleepyhead!" said his Mother, "It's your first day of school!" Eddy groaned. Three Months ago, before he had left, Eddy's brother told him that school was a terrible place. "School is the worst place" he had said, "It is a prison for children and the teachers are cruel. Oh, and lunch is a bunch of mashed-up beetles" Eddy could not eat his cereal, as he was too worried about school.

I will continue later

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