Peach Creek Estates

The Construction Site (also known as Peach Creek Development Phase Two) is an unfinished cul-de-sac located just next to the first cul-de-sac and the playground. The area is filled with many unfinished skeletal house structures and many construction equipment such as cement mixer, tractor, shovel, and mount of sands. It is unknown if the construction in the area will be resumed or not and unknown what will happened in the future. It is the place where some of Eds scams took place, such as the Mucky Boys, The Erupting Eds, etc.

Ed visiting The Construction Site

Conradstub-4 copy
"The space beneath the rock is vacant."-- Rolf

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Uses in Fan Fiction

In a future adventure of The All-New Ed, Edd n Eddy Show, there is an alternate dimension in which the Construction Site switched fates with the Trailer Park.  The Trailer Park was put in permanent hiatus, while the Construction Site was completed.  It is undecided if the Construction Site from that dimension is where that dimension's Kankers are from.

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