This article is about the episode written by Steven1991. You may looking for the episode of the same name written by Spongeman537.


Double D suggests to get the Ed's their popularity back with the Kids, they must help them with their everyday issues. Ed and Eddy cheers at the idea first, but loses interest when they and Edd don't know how they can help people. That is until Ed claims he saw a show called "The A-Team" on TV in wich four guys (five or six in different seasons) help people in need.

Double D and Eddy are not found of the idea, but they don't wanna hurt Ed and accept his idea. However, they are only with three and they need a fourth member. Eddy gets Edwin, but Ed replies that they need a black man to play B.A. Baracus. The others are willing to give up now, but Ed doesn't and jumps right in to the TV and comes back with the real Mr. T (aka B.A.). The Eds then dress as the A-team members:

-Ed: "Howling Mad" (or should i say "Howling Ed"?) Murdock, because Ed is also crazy.
-Edd: Hannibal, because Double D is also smart
-Eddy: Face, because Eddy is also handsome (at least he thinks)
-Mr. T will play B.A. as usual/

When Edwin replies that he also want to be on the team, Ed suggests that Edwin can play Frankie, because both he and Edwin are from Mexican origin. Eddy complains he never heard of this Frankie before, to wich Ed replies he only appeared at the end of the show.

They now become the ED-Team and continue to their first job.

To be continued.

Written by: Steven1991


Eddy tells he never heard of Frankie before. This is because there were five seasons of the A-team, and Frankie only appeared in the fifth and last one. Hannibal, Face, Murdock and BA appeared thus longer than Frankie, explaining why the latter is not so famous.

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