Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"The Ed-Team"
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 2
Writer(s): Spongeman537
Director(s): Spongeman537
Previous Episode: Ed Begins
Next Episode: TBA

"The Ed-Team" is the 2nd episode :Total Drama Cul-de-Sac", a Spongeman537 Fan-Fiction.


It's 5 AM at the Trailer Park. Everyone's peacefully asleep. BAM! Eddy's Bro shoots a blank, and tells everyone to report to the "Mess Hall", which is just two dirty Picnic Tables. Eddy's Bro announces the challenge will take place at the Construction Area near the Candy Store.

At the Area, Eddy's Bro tells that the teams must sneak past the Bull-Dog, find the code to the door, and sneak into a Candy Store and steal a Jawbreaker and report back. Double D annoys his team with his brilliant idea about how to win, while the Killer Quarters must steal a jar of honey from Honey Bees. Marie and Lee easily steal it, and the team hide in it (How they fit? Nobody knows), and sneak past the Bull-Dog.

Finally getting pushed over the edge, the Screaming Scammers duct tape Double D's mouth shut. Jimmy realizes they can use it to their advantage, and they duct tape the Bull-Dog, and "sneak" past, and they, along with the other team, get stuck at the door. Double D tries to override the code, while Eddy and Kevin convince their team to grab a piece of wood and use it as a ram. The Killer Quarters make it past, leaving the Screaming Scammers in the Dust!

Double D is finally able to override the code, when the Killer Quarters make it back to Eddy's bro. However, their celebration is short-lived when Eddy's Bro reveals they grabbed a Prank Jawbreaker covered with Foot Powder, which gives Eddy an Allergic reaction. Both teams grab a jawbreaker, and it's a race to the finish when- THE KILLER QUARTERS WIN!

That night, at the Elimination campfire, Eddy's bro announces when the camper's name is called, they come up and get their coin. Called Up are- Jimmy, Nazz, Rolf, and Ed. Only Double D and May Kanker are left. And the final Quarter goes to................................. MAY! Double D is sent packing, but not before releasing his wild side and cursing his team, as Security drags him out. Eddy's Bro tells he felt the elimination was totally predictable, but he doesn't care as long as he is payed. He signs off.

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