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The Ed Boys Episode
"The Ed Monitor"
The ed- monitor
Season No.: Season 1
Episode No.: Episode 2
Scam: None (Yet?)
Airdate: 26 February 2010
Title Reference: The Hall Monitor
Writer(s): Lukestercyele
Director(s): Lukestercyele
Storyboards by: Lukestercyele
Storyboard Artist(s): Lukestercyele
Storyboard Director(s): Lukestercyele
Music by: Lukestercyele
Previous Episode: The Amazing Ed
Next Episode: Tea at the Ed

This is the Second episode of lukestercyele1234's new series, The Ed Boys, it's the episode which, Ms. Welter chooses Ed to be a New Hall Monitor.




Peach Creek Jr. High

Season 1
The Amazing EdThe Ed MonitorTea at the EdBad News EdsThe Eds are BackWhen I Grow Up To Be a EdThere's No Places like EdDoctor EdEd In the MirrorRun, Ed-Boy, RunCall of the EdDude, Where's My Ed?What's the Time Mr. Ed?The Way You Make Me Ed • TBA • The Ed Boys

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