"The Edosiders"
The Edosiders
Writer: TheBiggestEdFan
Next Fanfic: EDRU$H


  • Ed, a 12-year old who loves to watch monster movies. This is why he created the team-to prove ghosts are real!
  • Edd, a 12-year old who loves to learn knowledge. He joined the team becuase he wanted to learn!
  • Eddy, a 12-year old who loves money. He joined the team because it would make him famous.
  • Sarah, a 6-9 year old who loves to play with Jimmy. She joined the team to prove Ed was being stupid.
  • Jimmy, a 6-9 year old who loves to play with Sarah. He never wanted to join the team, but Sarah forced him.
  • Kevin, Jonny and Plank keep popping up in the episodes so they could join the team officialy.


  • Episode 1: Morey Mansion

Evidence: Railing hot spot;


  • Episode 2: 50s Town Movie Set

Evidence: Crash noise;


  • Episode 3: The White House

Evidence: Shadow in the garden;


  • Episode 4: Toys R Us

Evidence: Ed putting a LEGO Toy next to a Thomas toy on a shelf, later it was next to a GI Joe toy without movment; Bouncing orb+shadow;


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