Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"The Eds All Here"
Season No.: 6
Episode No.: 1
Airdate: 2010
Title Reference: The Gang's All Here
Writer(s): Phineasandferbfan2010
Director(s): Phineasandferbfan2010
Storyboards by: Phineasandferbfan2010
Storyboard Director(s): Phineasandferbfan2010
Next Episode: Sleepy Ed

 The Eds All Here is the first episode of Season 6 (Phineasandferbfan2010 Edition)   of Ed Edd n Eddy


Jonny 2X4 had a new woody friend Prank. Along with Plank  they call kids (except the Eds) at Peach Creek and see. The Eds are making Jawbreaker Cupcakes. But it taste like jawbreakers! So they gave to everyone.

Jawbreaker Cupcake Recipe:

   3 Jawbreakers   
        1 cup of sugar   
        1 cup of flour   
        1 teaspoon of Salt   
        2 eggs   
        1 cup of Cream Cheese   
        1 tablespoon of nutmeg   
        1 teaspoon of blue raspberries   
        The color of this cupcake is white and blue.  
== Quotes ==

"This is suscessful! Thanks to Jawbreaker Cupcakes."-Eddy == Trivia/Goofs == This is Prank's first appearance. 

   Prank is Jonny 2x4's 2nd woody friend. 


(Jonny 2x4 decorates wood into a newest woody friend, Prank)   
      Jonny 2x4:I made my new one Plank! It's Prank! Let's see!   
      (Jonny 2x4 ran and kids (except the Eds) see Prank)   
      Kevin:This is going to be excited!   
      Jonny 2x4:Hello! I give you, Prank!   
      (Everyone laughed)   
        at Eddy's House:   
        Eddy:We are going make Jawbreaker Cupcakes!   
        (Eddy see this recipe of his cupcake)   
        Eddy read the recipe:   
        3 Jawbreakers   
        1 cup of sugar   
        1 cup of flour   
        1 teaspoon of Salt   
        2 eggs   
        1 cup of Cream Cheese   
        1 tablespoon of nutmeg   
        1 teaspoon of blue raspberries.   
        Eddy: Ok! Let's make some cupcakes!   
        Ed:We're ready!   
        Edd:Oh my!   
        (The Eds see cupcakes in the oven)   
        (Eddy wear oven mitts and grab)   
        Eddy:Bingo! Let's Eat!   
        (The Eds eat cupcakes)   
        Ed:It's yummy!   
        Edd:It's delicious!   
        Eddy:It's taste like Jawbreakers! The color is white and blue! Let's go and give the kids cupcakes.   
        (The Eds run)   
        Eddy:Hello kids, we made Jawbreaker cupcakes! Try one!   
        (The kids (except Jonny 2x4) taste it
        Kids: It's yummy, delicious, and taste like jawbreakers!   
        Jonny 2x4:Aww man!   
       (Jonny 2x4 ran to his house) 
     (The kids give 10 signs and gave Eds money) 
     Eddy:Money! Were gonna be rich 
     Edd:I know Eddy 
     Eddy:So, this is the first episode huh? 
     Edd:It's called Season 6 (Phineasandferbfan2010 Edition)  
     Eddy:Wow! Season 6 (Phineasandferbfan2010 Edition)? 
     Edd:Yes Eddy. 
     Ed:See the crossover movie! 
     Eddy:It's called... 
     The Eds:Phineas and Ferb/Ed Edd n Eddy Crossover!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
     Edd:That was the author made! 
     Eddy:Check it out! 
     Ed:You don't like fanon, check it!: 
     Eddy:The new character is.... Prank! 
     Edd:We said.... 
     The Eds:GOODBYE!
    Eddy: What the....?

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