This is an unofficial sixth season of ed, edd n eddy it is unknown if there will be a movie in it or how many seasons it will have

Episode List

Back With an Ed (Pilot)
The Villiage Of Ed
The Ed Of a Thousand Faces
Star Ed
Ed Head
Criminal Eds Part 1
Criminal Eds Part 2
Dodge Ed
Back In Ed
Master Ed
Maze of Ed
The Good Old Ed
Bullied Ed

the series was renewed for a 16 episode second season bringing it up to 29 episodes

Season Two

Eds Conciouss Part 1
Eds Conciouss Part 2
Power Ed
Angry Ed
Ed Time
Swami Ed
Dial Ed11
Video Ed
It came from Outer Ed
No Ed
One Two Ed,s Coming For You
Dream Eds
Ed of the Jungle
Monkey Eds
Captain Ed Part 1
Captain Ed Part 2

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