Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"The Edtermath (Episode)"
The Edtermath 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 6
Title Reference: The Aftermath
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: Western Takedown (Episode)
Next Episode: Jail Break (Episode)

The Edtermath is an episode of Total Ed Island.


Welcome to the mini-series of TEI, TEI Aftermath! Starring Jimmy and Sarah! As Jimmy and Sarah intourduce themselves, some fan characters and Evil Tim with Plank come out on stage and sit. Evil Tim falls through. Sarha and Jimmy explain how the show goes, and then they tell us it's time for "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!". There are clips of Rolf's tractor slipping (Aliens of the Earth), Sarah getting shot rapidly with water (Western Takedown), Edd drowning (My Strike Lady), Jimmy falling off a surfboard (Beach Trip) and Nazz tripping off the boat (The Arrival). Then, Sarah and Jimmy let Evil Tim come and be a special guest. Evil Tim annouces "My time on TEI was great. Not! It was crummy on Day 2. I was tired of Edd leading us the long way. So I took the lead and shortcutted through the wall. But those idiots bumped into it. Aren't we all ghosts here?! That's why i'm cursing my team. Right after this show. For revenge, and because they voted me off!" Sarah kicked Evil Tim out. Then, Jonny was invited in to translate Plank. When Plank got the microphone, it was silent for 2 minutes. Then Jonny said "Plank says he had a blast on TEI. He loved the challenges, but we only won 1 time so far. Plank decided to win his team again. So, he was put on the floor and did 20 push ups" Jonny was stopped by Sarah. Sarah kicked Jonny out for thinking Plank did ANY push-ups. Then, there were fan videos. First was from Daphne in Flordia. An earthquake was in the scene. Daphne said "Hello TEI!" Then the camera completly tipped over. Then there was a loud crash. And the camera broke. The second was so gross they turned it off immideitly. Then, the show ended.


  • Daphne: Hello TEI! (The camera tips over and is destroyed)

Sandy: (to audience) Remember everyone, never tape a video during an earthquake!

  • Evil Tim: My bottom! Why isn't this wood solid?

Sarah: It is, idiot!


  • Sandy breaks the fourth wall when she says to never tape a video during an earthquake.
  • This is the second time someone dosen't get voted off. The first, third and fourth were The Arrival, The Edtermath 2 and The Edtermath 3.

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