welcome back to the mini of tel , tel aftermath starring  jimmy and sarah . they presented the castmates from tel evil tim and plank and the new eliminated people edd , rolf , sandy , molly  and johnny so first was edd and sarah asked how was total ed island so edd said it was fun but not in the episode where he was votted and the next was rolf and rolf said that he was upset because he was eliminated because he dint know about nursing and the next was sandy and said that she was votted unfair because she has 6 years and the next was molly and dint care about her teamets because they lost the brain and the final was johnny and johnny said that he was happy to see plank again and jimmy and sarah started the that gonna leave a mark , edd being slapped by kevin jail breaker , kevin fainted when he heard that is going to be needles in the nurse challenge world of nurse , sandy screaming when she saw johnny and liz wore costumes horror team home work ed , ed falling in hot lava disater master , johnny being beated by jenny , and jimmy said to sarah that they dont have time so they said that they have to end the show

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