welcome back to the final to the mini of TEI , TEI aftermath . starring jimmy and Sarah . jimmy and Sarah said that this is the final TEI aftermath and they said the old competitors from the total ed island Evil Tim , plank , Edd , Rolf , sandy , molly , johnny . and the new eliminated people Liz , kyle , may , Marie and lee . first was Liz and Sarah asked how was on total ed island and Liz said that was fun except the episode where she was voted of  and the next was kyle , kyle said that he was very happy to be on total ed island and said that he was eliminated for accidentally that his rock fell from his hands on Kevin foot and the next one was may and she said that she was upset that she was eliminated but she is happy that ed is still on the competition and the final were Marie and lee and they were angry that they were eliminated and Sarah and jimmy begin started the final that's gonna leave a mark , Liz knocking vehicles of ed , dick and jenny national bank of crazy , kyle rocks fell fro his hands on Kevin foot e . d . b . c , Marie beating Kevin sporty eds , ed falling to the ground by trying to get away from Marie . jimmy and Sarah that is the time to end the final TEI aftermath show and they said it was fun on the show and they said their goodbyes

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