at morning the kids were and they finish and then grim appeared " ok children its time to start the next challenge follow me " grim said and he dissapeard and the kids follow him " okay kids now i show you the challenge a computer " grim said " what to do with the computer to play games " kevin said " no idiot todays challenge is based on the movie matrix reloaded and i will transport you in the computer you will have powers do destroy a virus created by the schemers aka the kanker sisters " grim said " then bring it on grim " eddy said and grim transported the kids into the computer .

the kids were inside the computer " wow check out this cool costumes " kevin said and then some three people showed up and it was the kankers " hi guys " may said " did you come to play with us " lee said " we dont have time to play with you kanker " eddy said " lets see about that " marie said and then the kankers attacked the kids while double d and rolf run to where the virus is into a building as they entered " so this the virus right " double d said and the some lighting was near going to hit them " looks like it wouldnt let us to destroy this thing edboy we must use our powers " rolf said " your right rolf " double said and the virus begin to attacked them while the others are trying to beat the kankers until kevin knocks out may and then marie and lee are left but ed and eddy knock out them too , but then double d and rolf coulndt beat the virus " we must use our power together to destroy the virus " double d said " of course edboy " rolf said and they used their powers together and they destroyed the virus and the kids were transported back to the world " we have winners and those are double d and rolf they have 10 points and the ones who beated the kankers they have 9 points like kevin , eddy and ed while the rest dont have a point and double d and rolf your reward is a good powerfull anti-virus if ever you have a virus in your computer of course " grim said .










johnny 2x4:0


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