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The End of The eds? True or False?

When Antonucci made the first Ed Edd n Eddy movie, the Big Picture Show, They have said it cuased the end of the Ed's ongoing adventures and quests for JawBreakers. Granted, this may be true. Due to the fact of no new episodes were realesed after the movie.

But, if this really is the end, why leave so many questions un-answered?

for example:

What was the terrible scam that sent them Ed's adventures out of PeachCreek?

What is under Ed's Hat all this time?

Many Questions have been asked about the possible ending of the Ed's.

However, I did find a few Hints in the movie, that led to proof of the ending of Ed's.

Hint #1: Eddy's brother Found.

Hint #2: (dialouge from the movie) Edd-"It only took 130 episodes, 4 specials and a movie, Eddy!"

Hint 1- One of the Main Mysteries of EEnE was Eddy's Brother. Now that its solved, it would be removed from the series.

Hint 2- Eddy's and Edd's conversation at the end of the movie described the ending of the show. becuase the shows Plot Line was that there were 3 kids named Ed Edd n Eddy who wanted to be accepted by the other kids.(and get jawbreakers) now accepted into the group, the story has no plot line to follow. The real IDEA of the show was ended. How can it go on?

Video explaining Hints:

thumb|300px|leftNotice Eddy's Brother was a lie. So there is nothing for Eddy to hide anymore.

Also, At the ending, when they are being carried away, pay attention to Eddy's And Double D's Conversation.

There are many hints to the fact EEnE ended, but if it has there will be hope that they either continue it later and/or create and alternate series made by Antonucci.

For example: Futurama was ended, but they reopened it.

Some have faith that EEnE will return, or that it hasn't even ended.

But the fact remains now,

EEnE is over.

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