The Fast and The Eddyious is a fanfiction written by Casimus Prime. It mixes EEnE with The Fast and The Furious.


Set in Neo Peach Creek, Eddy gets involved in Kevin's street races, while Ed and Edd work for goverment causes. Nazz is forced to be a model/stripper at Kevin's races. Even though she begs to be set free, Kevin just strips her naked and throws her into a glass box to model during a race. When Eddy is scheduled to race Kevin in The General Ed, he demands Kevin set her free. Kevin makes a bet, if he wins they both stay with him, if Eddy wins, Nazz goes free. The race begins and Eddy's in the lead, until Ed and Edd show up and ruin the gig. Eddy wins by default and is announced "King of Street Racers".


  • Eddy: Man I love a good race.
  • Nazz: Kevin, why do I do this for you? Can't I get a race off? These jeans are too tight.
  • Kevin: Hey, I have an idea. How about you get naked in that box and cool off.
  • Eddy: Let her go Kevin!
  • Kevin: Well if it isn't the Dork of Hazard. Tell ya what, you win, you go free. You lose, you race for me, while I get the glory. Got it?
  • Eddy: It's on.
  • Eddy and Kevin: Lets ride!
  • Edd: End of the road Speed Racer.
  • Eddy: Sockhead? Let me bail. Please!?
  • Ed: It's off to the Prisonyards for you two.


  • Edd makes a pun by calling Eddy "Speed Racer".
  • Nazz apears naked in this episode (Oh the inhumanity!).
  • Eddy has a car related to The General Lee.
  • Kevin called Eddy the "Dork of Hazard" which is a pun on The Dukes of Hazard.