All the charecters from ED EDD N EDDY will appear in this story as the story goes all the kids go to the amusement park to have fun then they get on a roller coaster soon ED has a vision that the roller coaster will get destroyed and everyone will die soon only 7 get off and the vision happens and after that everyone keeps dying mysteriously.


  •   ED
  • EDD
  • EDDY
  • Nazz
  • Rolf
  • Sarah
  • Jimmy
  • Kevin
  • Jonny
  • The Kanker sisters

                                    Chapter 1


All the kids are in the Amusement park having fun and trying to be friendly with each other

EDDY:Hey sock head why aren't you riding any rides?

EDD:Its just I don't like to ride amusement park rides its always been this phobia of mine

EDDY:OK at least ride the roller coaster or else your chicken*Makes chicken noises*

EDD:Fine ill ride the roller coaster!

Everyone was getting on the ride and then Nazz asked EDD

Nazz:Hey EDD can you ride the roller coaster with me

EDD:0_0*starts to sweat* YYYYES

Nazz:Thanks double dee lets sit on the back

Worker:Please keep hands and legs inside the cart at all times enjoy the ride *pushes the go button*



The roller coaster then goes down



All of a sudden a cart goes off the side

Kevin:AHHH im going to die

The cart then goes off flying and kevin and Sarah are launched into air then fall


Jimmy:Im to young to die!!!

Then the seat belts break and Rolf goes off flying and hits some poles

A pole then goes off flying and hits The Kanker sisters

All of the sudden the roller coaster stop on a loop and Jonny and Jimmy fall.

EDD:Hold on everyone!!!

All the survivors manage to move the cart and the roller coaster goes backwards

Then ED and EDDY get hit by a rail road track that goes off flying.

All of a sudden the carts shake and Nazz and EDD are launched off the cart.

                                    Chapter 2




EDD:Dont start the ride! It will fall aprt and we will all die!

Worker:Are you ok?

Nazz:Hes fine hes just a littel nervous

EDD:Let me off!!

Worker:Ok let all the front seated out

EDD gets out quickly

Kevin:Nice going dork now we have to wait in line again

Ed:Hey EDD are you ok we can eat some french toast and you will fell better

Sara:At least we can still ride the roller coaster Jimmy

Worker:*Presses go*

As evryones exiting they hear a noise and turn around EDs vision had come true the roller coaster had fallen apart


                         Chapter 3


Evryone was at Jimmys,Saras and The Kankers funeral it was a sad momment

Ed:My sister is dead *Crys*

After the funeral EDD walked home

Nazz:Hey EDD wait up

EDD:*sigh*Its all my faul Sara and Jimmy died

Nazz:No its not you saved 7 people and i survived and its all thanks to you

EDD:Thanks im going home

EDD then walked home while it was raining.

When he got home he was sad and angry so he threw his book againgst the fan and a scrape of papper came out and it had a name EDD read out the name


Back at rolfs house he was feeding his chickens and was raking leaves then left it laying around all of a sudden a cow was walking and steped on it he got hurt and went off runing and step on a shovel wich was launched off and as rolf truned around it hit his face and then died


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