This is a fanfiction written by Colton M. H. There may be some spoilers in this page, notably in Plot and Characters.


The Final Ed-Down is a fanfiction that throws the Eds and kids into a lengthy journey across a post-apocalyptic world, after an invention of Edd's goes wrong. It is still being written, so the plot is still not done, but it involves all the characters on the show, as well as some extra characters from the writer's mind.

In chapter one, we find that Edd has built a new invention, that he dubs the Quantum Transporter- when a hurricane hits. The Eds hide. As the story progresses, the hurricane's effects are known. The cul-de-sac floods. Strange creatures show up. The Eds get seperated. Tensions build and break, and more.

Why? Ancient forces of evil are back. Forces that only Rolf knows about. And the Eds aren't heroes- instead, their looking for the heroes... Whoever the three are...


Obviously, all the characters from Ed, Edd, n Eddy are in this. This is a list of non-EEnE characters in the fanfic.

Atvairia: Atvairia is an ancient overlord from centuries ago, ressurected. His servants N'zzarel, J'hnonah, and K'velin, who share some of his mystical powers at a lower level. He can shape shift, and is trained in dark magics. Manipulates people easily as well.

N'zzarel: One of Atvairia's servants, N'zzarel is a female that resembles Nazz while in human form. She also is somewhat manipulative, and finds pleasure in things of a somewhat disturbing sort. She is Atvairia's favorite most likely.

J'hnonah: One of Atvairia's servants, J'hnonah is a wise man with the ability to shape shift- just as K'velin and N'zzarel do. He looks like Johnny in human form, and is normally the one who keeps the servants from bickering.

K'velin: One of Atvairia's servants, K'velin is a short-tempered man that resembles Kevin in human form. He thinks for himself first- only Atvairia's purpose coming before himself at times.

Luna: A strange, shadow-like being that not much is known of. She somehow knows the Eds, and claims to have been a love of Eddy's in a past life. Is somewhat like N'zzarel, but not as manipulative.

The Ancient Lord: The real evil one...

Assorted Info, Quotes, and Trivia

Status: In-Progress. Current Chapter number: 15. Estimated Number of Chapters left: 10.

Trivia: Mentions numerous things that the author is a fan of. Has a more-mature version on and a more kid-friendly version on E2E and T3E. Has been on hiatus, planned to be continued and finished this year.


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