The final eddown is a fanfic by scam that will be on and it will have a video game that will be on


It is an avrege day in the cul-de-sac the eds are just siting down bored when Jimmy comes asking for help when sarah gets kidnaped and asks the eds for help. but even after rescuing sarah the eds soon find out they can't stop this group alone. not much about the story is thought out yet so it may take a while before it's finished.


The game will be a sidescroller with every chracter from the show even a few new ones as playabele chracters. There will be a few rpg elements such as talking,buying and selling stuff. there is also a friendship meater that that tells your relationship with a chracter that opens new parts to the story such as side quests. there are many alternet endings that can be unlocked depening on your charecter, your friends and enimeys, your party and a few other reasons. there also a level up systum and every time a chracters levels up they get new clothes.