The Gourd
Credits: Supervillain
Portrayer: David Paul Grove (Jonny 2x4)
First Appearance: "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show"

The Gourd is Jonny 2x4's supervillain alter-ego. His sidekick is Timber the Dark Shard.

If you are looking for a full article from our canon counter part, click here. After the movie, Johnny became the gourd, along with Plank AKA Timber.They will destroy everybody in the cul de sac someday. However, the Eds plan to kill him and save the cul-de-sac.



The Rise of the Gourd

  • The Gourd: “What? There’s no time left right now? We’ll have to wait ‘til later? It’s the end of the Chapter? What chapter?”


  • The Gourd: That girl is new... what’s that Timber? You want to do what? Okay...
    [The Gourd quickly pulled Timber (Plank) over to Edna and took her away.]
    The Gourd: Way to go, Timber!

  • The Gourd: Hiya there friend! Whatcha doing?
    Pokey: I noticed what you did back there. Would you like to join me?
    The Gourd: What’s in it for us?
    Pokey: Us? You got a sidekick?
    The Gourd: Yep. [He held the board up.] Timber the Dark Shard. He helped me catch her! [then pointed to Edna]
    Pokey: You’re weird... but I like you. Tell ya what, when this is done, you can rule the world with me. What do ya say?
    The Gourd: Okey dokey, Mr. ... hum...
    Pokey: Pokey. Pokey Minch. And you are...?
    The Gourd: I’m Jonny. But you can call me The Gourd.

Ed-sou Sentai Gosei-Eds

  • Kankorator: Go the Gourd, Destroy the Gosei-Eds, so that our Evil shall rule!
  • The Gourd: i won't just destroy those Eds, I'LL DESTROY THEIR WHOLE LEGACY! AS IF THE GOSEI-EDS NEVER EXISTED!['both Kankorator and The Gourd laugh evilly]

  • The Gourd: Hello guys, miss me[smirks]
  • Ed:[Shocked] Jonny?! is that you!
  • The Gourd: Jonny no longer exist! I.AM.The Gourd![Laughs evilly]

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