The_HundrEd is a crossover between Ed Edd n Eddy and The 100.


Ed Edd n Eddy characters are being sent to the ground along with The 100 character. They thought thatEarth was uninhabited, but they were wrong and now they have to fight for their lives.


Ed Washington-Main character.


Crime- Scams.

Status- Deceased.

Season 1 - In the first episode he went with Clarke and co to find Mouth Weather. He was in the group which had a mission to safe Jasper. He started to change when his young sister was found death. Everyone came to conclusion that she was killed by the Grounders . He believed in this theory too but he was wrong. During the final fight with the Grounders he was sent by Clarke to find survivors from the Ark. His status at the end of the season remained unknown.

Season 2 - He managed to find the surviviors from the Ark. Later he saved Eddy, Rolf, Bellamy, Sterling, Finn and Monroe from the Grounder. When all of them left Camp Jaha to find the rest of the 100 he stayed in there in order to start his lessons which will made him a mechanic. He was in the group who tried to defend Finn from the Grounders but they failed because Finn gave himself to them. When Eddy and Bellamy left camp with Lincoln he during his daily visit on Sarah's grave he found a knife that belonged to Eddy in the camp of The 100. It was when he realized it was his best friend who killed his little sister. He was with Raven and Wick during the attack on Mouth Weather. He also was caught with them and taken with them to this mouth. When Clarke, Bellamy, David, Monty, Clarke and Eddy  killed the whole Mouth Weather and when they walked into the lab he had a chance to talk Eddy about him killing his younger. After a long argument he ended their friendship.

Season 3 - Ed was now working as a mechanic. His friendship with Eddy was still broken even thought Eddy apologized to him several times and also he tried to convice to forgive but Ed never forgave him as it is written in the beginning of this sentence. When Jaha and Matt (Eddy's brother) brought ALLIE to Arcadia he decided to take the key without hesitation. Matthew tried to kill him and Rolf to convice Jonny who was nailed to the cross along With Kane. He was freed from ALLIE when Clarke pulled the kill switch.

Season 4 - He went to the Arcadia to find a solution to survive the death wave knows as Praimfaya but unfortunely he died in the explosion caused by IIan but before he died he forgaved Eddy for killing his younger sister.

Clarke tells Maddie about Ed :

''Ed was one of the most innocent persons that I've met when we landed on the Earth. He was the biggest 'one of three the Eds. He was funny, strong and sometimes stupid but he started to became smarter when he started to learn how to be mechanic also the deaths of his friends were getting him more depressed but he was hidding. He stopped to be friends with Eddy when he found out that Eddy killed his younger sister. He died in a explosion of Arcadia.

Edd Wilson-Main character

Age 16 (season 1) 22 (season 5)

Crime- Scams.

Status- Alive.

Season 1 - He went to Mouth Weather along with Clarke and co. He wanted to go with Clarke to find Jasper but he had to stay with Monty because they had to find a way how to contact with The Ark. During the final fight with the Grounder he went with Finn to find a cure in Lincoln's cave for Raven which was hurt by Murphy. They did found it and along with Bellamy they lead Rippers to the battlefield. After the war he was taken by Mountain Men to Mouth Weather.

Season 2 -  At first he was now trusting people from Mouthj Weather but as the time passed they earned his trust which was destroyed when Maya showed him, Jasper, Monty and Jonny the truth about Mouth Weather. And when Harper, Jonny and Monty went missing he and Jasper confronted Dante who was Mouth Weather president about it. As they were about to leave Mouth Weather Dante's son Cage took the leadership of the Mouth Weather and locked all of them up on one room. It was when their fight for their lives began. Mouth Weather was taking them to steal their marrow one by one and Nazz was one of the people who was taken. Members of Mouth Weather who weren't agreeing with Cage tried to help them but unfortunely they were caught but fortunely Clarke, Bellamy, Eddy, Monty and David killed the whole Mouth Weather.

Season 3 - He became one of the most important members of Arkadia. He, Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln tried to gave Pike to the Grounders but unfortunely they didn't and because of that they were sentenced to death but thankfully they were saved by Jonny, Miller, Harper, Octavia, David and Monty. Well not all of them because Lincoln gave himself to the guards because Pike would kill his people. Later this season he played a huge role against ALLIE and he was one the first one's to find about Praimfaya;

Season 4 - He went to the Ark to find a solution to survive Praimfaya. When Luna survived the radation which was caused by Black Rain he along with many other traveled to Becca's lab to create the Night Blood which probably would let them survive Praimfaya. When Eddy, Jaha, Kane and Monty found a bunker that will allow them to survive he and the rest of them traveled to Polis and during Conclave he along with Jaha and Clarke locked the bunker up so their clan would be the only one to survive but in the process they left Kane, David, Octavia and Eddy behind. When the bunker was opened by Bellamy, Rolf and Abby Eddy told his that he is dead to him. He probably survived Praimfaya in the bunker.

Clarke tells Maddie about Double D :

I'll start with Eddward. I along with a lot the other poeple call him Double D because his name has Two D's. He was one of the most intelligent person I've ever know. When Ed stopped to be friend with Eddy he really wanted them to get along but he knew it will take some time. He, Jand me locked up the bunker for everyone and later this bunker was opened by Bellamy, Rolf and my mother Eddy was really mad at him and told that he is dead to him. He is in the bunker but I don't know his status.

Eddy Resse-Main character

Age 16 (season 1) 22 (season 5)

Crime - Scams.

Status - Aive.

Season 1 - In the first episode he went along with Clarke and co to find Mouth Weather. After Jasper been shot and taken by the Grounders he agreed with Finn to not come to find Jasper but unlike Finn he didn't changed his mind. When Octavia went missing he forced by Bellamy to go on a mission to find her. They managed to find her also they took a grounder who was guarding Octavia to Interrogate him. He agreed to torture the grounder who's name was Lincoln in order to get a cure that was supposed to safe Finn because Finn was hurt by the grounder during their search for Octavia. One day Sarah tried to kill him but she didn't. Eddy killed her in self defense but thanfully everyone in the camp thought that the Grounders killed her.  He was covering Bellamy and Octavia when Octavia got hurt by the Grounder during the war. They quickly started to go back to the dropship when Octavia was taken by Lincoln but unfortunely they both got into the fight Tristan. His status at the end of the season remained unknown.

Season 2 - He survived but unfortunely he and Finn were catched by Tristan. Bellamy and Rolf tried to help them but unfortunely they didn't. Right after that Monroe and Sterling tried to help them but before they could Tristan was killed by Marcus Kane. The group from the Ark found them and Ed and his older brother Matthew were among them. He was happy to see Ed alive but he wasn't happy to see his older brother. They took them to the dropship but the only person they found there were Raven, David and Murphy. Not long after they arrived to the camp Jaha he along with most of the 100 members left Arcadia to find their missing friends. He was with Finn and Murphy when Finn massacred the whole village. He was in the group of persons who wanted to protect Finn from the Grounder but Finn gave himself to the Grounders. He and Bellamy were taken to Mouth Weather by Lincoln to be a spy of Skaikru and Trikru. They managed to kill two Guards in the Mouth Weather. They tried to help The 48 which was lead by Jasper and Edd. To safe his friends he, Bellamy, Clarke, David and Monty radiated the whole Mouth Weather. When he wanted to talk with his friends Ed told him to stay away from him because he found out who killed his little sister. He, Bellamy and David said goodbye to Clarke before she left Arcadia.

Season 3 - Eddy became a guard through all these months. He along with Bellamy, David, Kane and Indra went to find Wanheda (Comamnder of Death) who was Clarke. They found survivors from the Ark during their search for Clarke. He became a part of the conspirancy against Pike when Pike became Chancellor. He saved Edd, Kane, Sinclair and almost Lincoln but unfortunely Lincoln stayed behind to safe his people life. Later he played a huge role against ALLIE and almost got killed by Rolf when Clarke was in the City of Light trying to find the killswitch.

Season 4 - He went to Arcadia to find a solution how to survive Praimfaya. He traveled to the part of Ark which was under control of Azgeda to find something that will help them survive in Arcadia and voted to leave Skaikru members there because it would cost them more lives than it's there. Later he, Bellamy, David and Kane were catched by Azgeda but thankfully they survived when Clarke traded half the places in the ship. He went vegenful on IIan when he found out that Ed died because of him but he didn't got his revenge on him because Kane with help of Jaha falsy alarmed people who wanted to kill IIan about Black rain. He along with Monty, Kane and Jaha found the bunker that would safe 1200 from death. He was left to die by Clarke, Edd and Jaha when they locked up the bunker but thankfully he was saved by Rolf and Bellamy. After that he told Edd that he is dead to him. He probably survived Praimfaya in the bunker.

Clarke tells Maddie about Eddy :

''Eddy...This guy changed a lot. At first he was selfish but through all these months he changed into a really good man. He was left behind by me, Edd and Jaha when we locked the bunker up but Bellamy and Rolf opened it. After that he ended his friendship with Edd. I hope that they made amends in the bunker.

David Hawkins-Main character

Age-17 (season 1) 23 (season 5)

Crime- Stabbed a Guard to death.

Status- Alive

Season 1 - David went along with Clarke and co to find Mouth Weather.

David is one of the strongest persons in whole series. He hates Jaha because he executed his

parents for thing they didn't do. In season 2 he becomes Zoe Monroe's lover. In the finale of that season

he, Clarke, Bellamy, Monty and Eddy killed whole Mouth Weather with Radiaton. In season 3 when his

girlfriend died he started to cut himself but he was hidding it from everyone. He also helped defeat Allie in

this season. In season 4 he and Octavia becomes skairpers. But he was doing this to keep her safe on

Kane orders. He was left to die in season 4 episode 10 when Clarke, Edd and Jaha locked the bunker doors

When bunker was opened by Bellamy, Rolf and Abby he left Skaikru for betrayal. In season 4 episode 10

he becames one of Octavia's counselor. He probably survived Praimfaya in bunker.

Clarke tells Maddie about David : (soon)

Kevin Burns-Secondary Character


Crime- Unknown.

Status - Deceased.

Season 1 - Kevin quickly became one of Bellamy most trusted men because of his strenght. He went to find Jasper. He later went with Bellamy and few others to find Octavia who has been missing and also helped torture Lincoln. He almost got killed by Murphy when he came back to the camp after he was expelled by Bellamy for causing death of Charlotte but Kevin died anyway not long after that. He was killed by the Grounder during a war with them.

Nazz McGee-Secondary Character




Rolf Scarfen-Secondary Character

Age-18 (season 1) 24 (season 5)



Season 1 - Rolf became one of Bellamy's men but quickly quit being one of his men because of the things that Bellamy been doing. He stayed in the background for most of the season. His status remained unknown at the end of season.

Season 2 - Rolf managed to escape with Monroe and Sterling. He and Bellamy tried to safe Eddy and Finn from Tristan but the didn't. They both were catched but not long after that Monroe and Sterling tried to safe them but before they could attack Tristan was killed by Marcus Kane. He stayed with Octavia in the Reaper tunnel when Trikru sounded retreat and he stayed with her and Jasper to protect Maya when Clarke, Bellamy, Monty, Eddy and David went to the room where Dante was. As the whole Mouth Weather was killed by Clarke and co he and Octavia freed everyone when Cage and the doctors were taking their bone marrow from them.

Season 3 - He became a guard through all these months. He was forced to take the chip by Ed, Jaha and Matthew. He almost killed Eddy when Clarke was in the City of Light but thankfully Clarke pulled the kill switch before he do.

Season 4 - Rolf plays a big role in the season. He went to Arcadia to find a solution how to survive Praimfaya. He traveled to the part of Ark which was under control of Azgeda to find something that will help them survive in Arcadia and voted to free Skaikru members because he was not going to sacrifice innocent lives. He and Bellamy tried to save two Skaikru members from Black Rain but unfortunely their car got stuck. He a gave up a few days before Praimfaya but his got his hope back when Eddy, Jaha, Monty and Kane found a bunker. He was taken to the bunker during Conclave. Not long after that he, Bellamy and Abby opened the bunker. He along with Bellamy, Clarke, Jonny, Emori and Murphy traveled to the island to save Raven They managed to reach her along with Harper and Monty who joined them but there was not time to get back so they decided to go to space in the rocker that was in Becca's lab. He probably survived Praimfaya in space.

Jonny Munroe-Secondary Character

Age-17 (season 1) 23 (season 5)



Johnny wasn't playing big role in season 1 but in season 2 he was playing a big role in mount weather along

with Jasper Monty,Harper and Miller and Edd In season 3 he becomes City of Light member. At the

beggining of season 4 he escapes with Murphy and Emori but after Murphy find out about radiaton he

returned with them to Arkadia. Later in this season he mostly stick up with them both even when

Skaikru wanted to use Emori as nightblood subject. He probably survived Praimfaya in space.....

Sarah Washington Secondary Character




Sarah was one of main antagonist in season 1. She thought that she is only one who is worth in whole

delinquent camp. She was killed in season 1 by Eddy in self defense because she attacked him.

Jimmy Roselle - Secondary character

Age 12



Jimmy was one of the most weakest characters whole series .He was hidding behind everything entire

He was hidding behind everything in whole story. In season 3 becames City of Light member and get's

killed by Edd in self defense

Matthew Resse - Secondary Character.

Age- 26 (Season 1) 32 (season 5)

Status alive.

Job - Guard


We're together guys. Again - Eddy to Ed and Edd on the ground.

We're here to make a life. Not to fight in wars.-David about war with grounders.

We need to be careful. These monsters are everywhere in this mountain - Jonny in Mounth Weather

Don't touch me Eddy ! We're not friends anymore ! Not after you killed my innocent sister ! - Ed to Eddy about Sarah death

I'm just not a pain the ass for everyone. - David to Jasper about Monroe's dead depression.

Rolf is here. Ready for everything. If something bad happens I will protect you my friends - Rolf to his friends.

We're screwed. And you Ed....You deserved better my friend - Edd after he find out about Arcadia destruction and Ed's dead.

Things we do for our people - Edd about locking the bunker with Clarke and Jaha to Bellamy.

''You're Rolf's friend Raven, You know that Rolf is going to do everything for his friends.''Rolf to Raven inBecca's lab.

''We're going back to our home.''Jonny about going back to the Ark.

''We're going to do this.Rolf knows that because, we're family. Big crazy family.''Rolf in the Ring to Bellamy and Raven.

''What? I like this painting.''Jonny about taking one painting with him to space.

''Marcus. You don't need to ask. Octavia is like sister to me.''David to Kane when he asked him to keep Octavia out the trouble.


''Ed would be ashamed of you!''-Eddy shouted.

''Eddy! Ed is dead!'' - Edd shouted.

''You're dead to me too.'' Eddy said as he walked into the bunker, leaving Edd in shock which was mixed with sadness.

Raven and Rolf walked to Bellamy who was looking at Earth, their friend was also holding an empty bottle of alcohol.

''Clarke girl...''Rolf said sadly.

''She saved us again.''Raven finished.

Rolf and Bellamy sadly nodded.

''Think we can do this without her?''Raven asked.

''Rolf has hope.''Rolf replied.

''If we don't...she died for nothing. And I'm not gonna let that happened.''Bellamy said as he turned to his look to Rolf and Raven, ''Are you two with me ?''

''Always.''Raven replied.

''We're going to do this. Rolf knows that because, we're family. Big crazy family.''Rolf said with a nod..