This show is a spinoff of ed,ed,n,eddy staring Johnny 2x4


  • pilot:the show starts out the eds working on the ed hero comic adventures which invovles Dr.Eddapus green edblin and Proffessor Scam

johnny then puts on mellonhead sharaed johnny's parents deicide to move to peach orchard estates and he goes to private school peach orchard middle school then all the culde sac kids were at school and johnny came to the lunch table upset saying this me and planks last day of school the eds over hear that and then there all in the lane and johnny was walking the eds came and then nazz then smiles at Edd and edd smiles back then johnny says goodbye my friendly cule-de-sac friends and then jimmy says he gets his own show ive been cheated and then he gets to peach orchard estates and he says plank this our new life and it cuts to theme song(the cul-de-sac i trade it up for this brand new life the eds are gone ihave a new school now a paper route im so happy here this iss the johnny oh boy plank) Johnny goes to school and meets a kid named watkins oh and also plank was framed in his room watkins then asked to be his friend johnny said sure he met a girl named jezzebell they instantly clicked johnny then asked her out she said yes watkins and jezzbell is his trio friends johnny then deicided to take a bus to peach creek with jeezbell johnny says hi too every one he says to the eds he doesn't miss cul-de-sac much and at all the end

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