"The Last Benders" is a fanfiction written by LucasBravvus97, who was pitched the idea by supersaiyan3goku. The summary is:

"483 years ago saw the near-annihilation of the Elemental Benders of the planet Omegia...Now, a new Avatar has been discovered in a world where Anti-Benders rule with iron fists. With her friends at her side, can this new Avatar free the world?"


  • Nazz

Nazz is the current incarnation of the Avatar. Cheerful, kind and bright, Nazz has lived a sheltered life with her best friend, Edd, and her Grandma, Eleion, all her life, leading to her desire to explore the outside world. By default, Nazz is an Earthbender, though she did not know this because Benders are illegal in her world. Her home town is Althea, in the south of Algia, the Earth Kingdom, and she wields a wooden staff as her weapon.

  • Edd

Edd is a shy, intelligent boy who, since being found as a baby by Eleion, has lived with Nazz and her grandma all his life. Like Nazz, Edd has lived all his life away from the normal world, yet he expresses no desire to explore it. It is unknown if Edd is a Bender, as his heritage is elusive seeing as how he was found abandoned. He lives in Althea also, and he uses a bow, along with arrows, to fight.

  • Rolf

Rolf is a strongwilled, muscular boy who is a member of "Taileia's Travelling Circus of the Moon". Rolf is an Earthbender who is a considered a master of it, and, as such, he decides to help Nazz master Earthbending. Rolf's family has many quirky traditions, and he refers to himself in the third person. Rolf lives in a farming community, specifically a town called Frinece, in the north of Algia. He uses his fists, accompanied with bracers, to fight.

  • Rebecca

Rebecca is a bubbly, acrobatic girl who is also a member of the circus. Rebecca, like Edd, was abandoned as a one year-old, but was found and raised by Rolf's family. She uses her mastery of martial arts and chi blocking (stopping a persons bodily energies) to beat her foes. Rebecca comes from the same community and town as Rolf, though she is much more smarter than him. She uses, along with her fists, throwing needles in battle. It is unknown is she is a Bender.

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