the kids were eating till grim appeared " ok its time for a new challenge come one to studio 27 " grim said and the kids go to the studio 27 , " today challenge is based on avatar movie like ninjas the challenge is to battle three master ninjas the one who defeates the ninjas is the winner " grim said and the ninjas appeared and those were the kankers " hey guys " marie said " kankers " eddy said " the first one is sarah " grim said the match begin sarah was going to attack and then the kankers dissapeared much to sarah surprise and then the kankers reapeared and knock out sarah " sarah out next nazz " grim said nazz know karate so she tried to hit them but kankers beat her " nazz out next eddy " eddy was to scared soo lee easy jumped on easy and kissed him " eddy out next double d " grim said double d was scared too and marie did the same what lee did giving smochies to double d " double d out next ed " grim said ed was to scared and may kissed him " ed out next kevin " grim said kevin was going to attack and then the kankers again dissapeard and hit kevin in the head " kevin out next johnny and plank " johnny was afraid and the kankers easy beat him " johnny and plank out next rolf " grim said rolf was prepared the kankers again dissapeared but then rolf close his eyes and he know when the kankers where striking and grabed the kankers and beat them " rolf wins the challenge he gets 10 points and the others dont get a point i will see you at the elimination and rolf your reward is the black belt " grim said " thank you , thank you rolf is pleased " rolf said .

at the elimination " so you maked your votes lets begin rolf , eddy , ed , johnny , kevin , nazz and double d , sarah and plank the last guilded grim goes to plank , sarah the lameosine awaits you " grim said and sarah wasnt mad she was happy that she will se jimmy again .








johnny 2x4:0


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