the kids finish eating breakfast and grim appeared "ok guys now you are 7 but when the ceremony elimination end tonight there will be just 6 people left so follow me to the next challenge " grim said " i wonded what mr death guy has come up with " eddy said and the kids followed grim to a mountain " guys todays challenge is based of the power of the gods so today you will face the lord of the Underworld Hades " grim said " aaaaaaaaa Hades " ed screamed " and of course hades is lee the leader of the schemers but be carefull because lee has the powers of Hades if one of you defeat lee you win the challenge so begin " grim said " hi eddy " lee said " its time to kick some kanker but " eddy said begining to attack lee but then lee grabbed eddy with her powers and give him smoches and he was out double d quit nazz tried to use her karate on lee but then lee used fire and she burned nazz haired and nazz quit rolf was going with a punch to lee but lee used her powers to freeze rolf and that means he lost and then johnny , plank and ed were left to defeat lee but then johnny try to hit lee but lee used lighting and hit johnny and plank and they were out and ed was " feel my fist you lord of the Underworld " ed screamed and he begin to run and lee tried to freeze but dint work or fire or lighting and then ed beat lee then grim appeared " the winner is ed he gets 10 points and hes reward its the medalion of the gods " grim said and gived the medalion to ed " guys i will see you at the ceremony .

at the elimination " its time to begin ed , eddy , double d , rolf and nazz , johnny and plank the last guilded grim is to johnny " grim said " what i wont leave plank no way " johnny said " sorry johnny but plank has to go " grim said and then nazz and rolf grabbed plank and throw him at the lameosine " PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK " johnny screamed .







johnny 2x4:0

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